Monday, September 28, 2009

BTN otherwise known as Biro Tatanegara

At a recent BTN course, youngsters between the ages of 18 - 25 years old, were shown foreign slides how the Chinese and Indians were bashing the Malays. Why no local slides, I wonder?

The motivation speakers then told and urges the youngsters to see why and how the Malays in this country will suffer if the other races were given a chance to have a say. The few day course did nothing to unite the races in this country instead the youngsters were taught to fill their hearts with hatred for the other races.

Hasan Ali of PAS, who once headed BTN during Mahathir's era and Zulkifli Nordin a by product of BTN, shows the result of such a racist course run by BTN.

Najib and the UMNO elite bastards are not interested in uniting the people, they know that a united group will finish UMNO's elite rules forever. So much for 1Malaysia my ass.
(1) Kontrak sosial about Kerakyatan and Hak Istimewa Orang Melayu
Effects : Non Malay should appreciate and cannot expect more . They use Malay toleransi us and also “Terhutang Budi terhadap mereka”

(2) The country is not safe after 308. The government is not strong enough to maintain the safety. The oppositions is creating chaos in the country . They give a lot of examples. If we continues like this , it might explode another 513 or war in Malaysia like in Iraq. They shows us the pictures and videos of Iraq. Therefore we need to vote BN for the peace

(3) To protect Islam and Malay special rights Malays have to bersepadu for Ketuuanan Melayu

(4) Indians and Chinese contribute nothing to this country. It is the non Malays who wants to join the pakatan that time and we beg for that. Throughtout the course they only emphasize on Malay’s contribution and say nothing on Non Malay.

(5) their perpaduan means Ketuanan Malay and never sama rata because they said this is according to Kontrak Sosial. They conducted every facts on Chinese Malay and Indian and not mentioning Malaysian .

(6) they claim oppositions is a spy from America and going to attack Malaysia soon

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