Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Weak Leader Demand

The headline "Keep MACC out of it. Don't drag commission into political games," says Najib.

A hypocrite indeed. My dear Najib, you are short of calling yourself a weak Leader who cannot control his men and be trusted.

There were only four MACC men on the day Teoh died. These four are the ones you are protecting. You and Khir Toyo must be held responsible for the death of Teoh because the MACC men were instructed by both of you to charge as many PKR members possible for easy takeover of Selangor by UMNO.

At no time will the MACC act on their own without your authority. Given Hishamuddin Hashim reputation as a belt thrasher, you think an accidental death will not occur. The citizens of this country are not naive and stupid like the olden days where everything can be covered up.

Najib it is you who are dragging the MACC, Police, Armed Forces, AG and every damn departments you can get hold of to get what you want. As an unchoosen Leader, we can never expect anything good out of you.

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