Monday, August 24, 2009

One Happy Bastard

News that Mohd Radzhi Salleh had quit PKR to be Independent just make Najib's day a happy one.

Like the previous three, Radzhi too is overjoyed and happy with himself and laughing all the way to the bank.

UMNO wants to create an atmosphere that PKR, DAP and PAS are a bunch of useless guys. But I do not see it that way. There are bound to be teething process and errors for any new group or business venture to achieve a goal or success. To know who can be trusted you have to believe in that person. But if that person play you out, so okay get mad, shout, yell, scream, curse or write it in the blog. That is what I normally do. Get it out from the system and start again.

Najib cannot wait too long for the next election. The Bomohs and other spiritual beings had told him that 2011 and 2012 are doom years for him. So now he is desperate to get back Kedah and Selangor so that his private regime can do their groundwork and be safe in the coming election. His regime are not UMNO members but men from the armed force under Ham-ass. If Ham-ass can misuse his position to send the army to Permatang Pasir, what do you think the next election would be like?

That's right, the army would be roaming towns and every inch of the country with their weapons and Najib declaring no more elections in years to come. Najib's ambition is to be Prime Minister for life. To think Mahathir is bad, Najib is worst.

If PKR, DAP and PAS do not unite as one now, Najib can and will use UMNO hidden funds to buy more people and take over Kedah and Selangor. Since I trust Sultan of Kedah, I believe Kedah will not be an easy target unless of course if he were to die, that will be another story.

As for Selangor, I do not trust the Sultan of Selangor, seeing he did not take action and kick Khir Toyo out from the state. Further more Rosmah had been rude and disrespectful to the Sultan on many occasions. Did the Sultan tell Rosmah off? No, instead he choose to stay numb.

Well I am busy counting the prediction for Najib for this year. 8 elections, 11 wrong move and death of two Sultans.

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