Monday, August 3, 2009

Naive can also mean stupid

Najib you are either stupid or dumb not to understand what the people are saying and protesting. The people want the ISA to be abolish. The people do not want any stupid, fuck up amendments or name changing.

You are one screw up fella who thinks hiding behind your father’s namesake can protect and make you a great leader. You still cannot believe you are a jinx to UMNO life line. You and your fuck up wife Rosmah had committed hideous crime that cannot be forgiven by the people of Malaysia.

16 years old Faizudin Hamzah was remanded for 4 days at the Petaling Police Station juvenile detention centre. That boy is somebody’s son, somebody’s brother, somebody loved one. It is with sincere hope that the boy’s parents will sue the government and the police for the kind hospitality.

As a parent myself, if given the chance I would slap and spit in your face in public. You are a disgrace to your dead father.

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