Friday, August 28, 2009

Fable tales in Teoh's inquest

This is the month of Ramadan and the people taking their oaths are telling fable tales in Teoh's inquest.

I would like to propose to the Chief Secretary to the Government, to request from the PM to open three schools, one for investigation, one for forensic and the last for passion and knowledge.

Why investigation? From Karpal's sedition trial and now Teoh's inquest, the answers coming out from the witnesses leave much for desire to the truth. I hope the witnesses are not patting themselves on how clever and smart they have managed to deceive both the courts. Are they so dumb as to not know that the whole world are laughing at their fable tales? To think we can be fooled.

The so-called forensic team are a bunch of idiots not knowing they have to search and look for evidences without being instructed or told to, in any crime scene given to them.

Without passion and knowledge to ones job, it is pointless to take up the limited space one occupy on this earth. One should just commit suicide and leave.

Another day another tale, how much longer do we have to tolerate these creatures of liars?

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