Monday, August 3, 2009

Beware! Resident of Buah Pala

Buah Pala is a lost cause, no matter how one twist and turn or come out with this and that.

From my experience I know how slingshot and UMNO bastards work. By taking off from their work, the residents hope to guard their homes but for how long, then getting attention from England, working hand in hand with MIC and now asking CM of Penang to intervene and threatening him in the same breathe. The residents think miracle can happen. The reality is NO, NO, NO.

With the recent case of Teoh’s death and ISA demonstration, the police will think twice using strong tactics to remove the residents of Buah Pala. The last trump card would be to burn the houses. It had worked in most areas where the residents took it upon themselves to protect their homes and remain stubborn, but when everybody thought that they had won and lower their guards, houses were burnt. Stubbornness will only end with the result of losing everything.

As for the CM of Penang, you had done enough. You cannot travel back in time to help neither are you God. So wash your hands.

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