Friday, May 15, 2009

Stop Crushing Sultan Azlan's Balls

There is an old saying “one cannot go against Destiny”

It is Najib’s Destiny to be the last UMNO leader to rule this country.
It is Najib’s Destiny to marry a revengeful murderer Rosmah.
It is Najib’s Destiny to destroy democracy in Perak leading to chaos in Parliament soon.
It is Najib’s Destiny to be blackmail while in office.
It is Najib’s Destiny to lose the respect of all Malaysians.
It is Najib’s Destiny to hold office for only a term.

The takeover of Perak by BN was the work of Najib, Zambry and Zahid with the support and greed of Sultan Azlan. Some even pointing finger at Mahathir. Whatever the case, the crisis is seeing no end.

It would be to the advantage of PRK to stop talking about working a solution to solve this crisis. Let the matter continue. For the past two days there are indications that three major events will take place soon to cripple the government further. Would not that be better for PRK?

I read an article lately that mentioned “It is the Prime Minister who selects the Sultan and not the Sultan who selects the Prime Minister”. So my question to Najib is “You started the fire, would it not be correct that you should stop it too instead of crushing Sultan Azlan’s balls.”

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