Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Scholarship And Stolen Funds

Why is everybody talking about scholarship but doing nothing? Neither Ismail from JPA or Sidek, the Chief Secretary have the authority to help. They are just mere puppets string along for show.

I have a solution that will help all Malaysian citizen who wants to further their studies oversea or locally. But my offer was just a sniff in the air for people like Sidek who is afraid to meet me. My offer is for him to send his officers to meet and tape all conversation between us. So what is the problem? I did not ask for a position or any financial gain. Just giving a solution to the government to help the citizen of this country. The additional benefits to this solution is that all primary and secondary schools would have qualified and knowledgeable teachers. Not like the present half baked and yearly pregnant teachers.

During my daughter’s primary years, she had to endure five years of pregnant teachers who went on MCs for three months yearly, excluding those who attend courses after courses. Did my daughter learn anything educational when there is hardly any substitute teachers? You think we want to send our children to school if they are already super intelligent.

What MCA is trying to do, is insufficient? We need more funds too. The government must be sincere and committed in solving these 2 issues without favour by bringing back money that was stolen from us. Daim is worth 48 billion, Shahidan 5 billion, Mahathir 25 billion, Pak Lah 2.5 billion, Vincent Tan 10 billion and Francis Yeoh 8 billion. All the government has to do is force them to return 50% of their worth. Vincent Tan and Francis Yeoh are trustees for UMNO’s money, so why is it so difficult to get back the funds? Does the money have to be diverted into Daim and Mahathir’s personal account and for how long more? There are many questions and queries that Daim and Mahathir must be made accountable for.

Some Royalties are buying run down buildings in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Mecca and are renovating it with unlimited funds. Once completed, these buildings can only be sold at a loss as the purchase price US100 million and renovation cost US100 million had exceeded the market value. One must not forget the middle men get close to US10 million per building as commission.

All these billion Ringgit can be distributed fairly to all 23 million Malaysian Citizen. What a FANTASY?

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