Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ragunath Kesavan

Since you have become the President for Malaysian Bar, you seem to be timid in dealing with the present crisis in Perak. Right now the police are controlling the Perak state like their own and the UMNO rascals have broken all form of laws in the book. Yet the Bar Council has taken a rather soft approach like a mouse.

Hey, if you are not able to do the job just step down and let a worthy one be the President. I read somewhere your ambition is to be a judge. Looking at the way you go about things, I feel sorry for the innocent victims who have to face you in court.

There is an opening in place of Samy, why not take his place and finish off. You can continue licking from a higher level.

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Catherine said...

How can Indonesian,Singapore and Malaysian Bar Council lawyers arrest Attorney VincenZO Serinelli?
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The penal lawyer Attorney Vincenzo Serinelli is standing trial for the sexual abuse of Women worldwide. This penal lawyer has sexually abused Asian women through Internet violence and physical violence. He keeps defaming Asian women and lies to the authorities that the women have defamed him. JFYI, the Italian Ambassadors to many countries are aware of what this attorney has been doing. He also defames name of lawyers and chairpersons of bar councils and threatens innocent women that the women are standing trial. No Indonesian, Singapore or Malaysian women are standing trial in his country.The Asian Bar Councils should take into considerations that lawyers taking the law into their own hands while they themselves are committing several cyber crimes and sexual crimes should be immediately arrested as such as the one mentioned above is mentally out of his mind.

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