Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Only Winner

So now the ball is on Nizar side. God Bless You. So will Raja Nazrin correct the wrong done by his father Sultan Azlan? Sultan Azlan is no ordinary man, given his position, it is like losing face. My opinion is to lose face now than face another slap from the people. But then who am I to advise him that.

Najib, God knows his super think-tank is so intelligent that they think they are super-hero from the comic book. Maybe he is having humble pie for breakfast. Must ask Rosmah that.

Zambry will go down in history as the shortest serving MB. This glutton deserves it. I hope he loses his MP seat too.

The other two idiots can now face court action and sent to jail.

The only winner in this ugly episode is none other than Hee HAAAAAAAAAAAA who had since become instant millionaire through the generous neither here nor there Muslim man Vincent Tan.

Vincent Tan is not that generous if you know the truth behind his companies. 30% belongs to UMNO, 30% to the two Tuns and 40% to him only. Well he is not the only non-Malay holding UMNO’s money.

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