Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Najib To Divorce Rosmah

Read that some Brave Souls going ahead to make a TV Series about the murder of Altantuya. If that happens, Bless You Darlings. You are doing justice that our poor Police Force and The AG are not capable of.

You see this country is not nickname Malaysia Boleh for nothing. We kow tow and act naïve so that our elite Members get to trash us to bits. We are fools to submit ourselves as beggars though Islam is the official Religion. This religion is only applicable to those who disobey the command of the elite. We are told that if we are unhappy we should cut and slash ourselves. Or a step further and leave this country. Never mind our forefathers are born here.

So Najib stop talking rubbish and do the right thing for once, DIVORCE ROSMAH if you wish to continue to be the Prime Minister of this country.

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