Sunday, May 17, 2009

Najib Not Accepting Reality

The meaning of Legacy 1. something left in a will by someone who has died.
2. something left behind by the person who previously had one’s job or past experiences.

It is sad that an intelligent and educated oversea immature man like Najib to be ignorant and naïve to come out with a statement that Pakatan not accepting reality. Perak never voted for BN. You grab it thinking it was yours. You now tell Pakatan Rakyat to keep on dreaming of a dissolution of the Perak state assembly. But you forget we the people will teach you a better lesson when the time comes, that is if God does not do us the favour first. But then people like you, do not know or believe in God.

Talking about the spirit of democracy, we the people never wanted you as the Prime Minister. Remember we signed a petition to the King not to appoint you. But like Mahathir keep reminding us, Malay like you forgets easily.

Let us confirm your speech stated in NST on the 16th May 2009, page 2 on Prime News - “PR has lost the majority…we are using the same principle…. It is not undemocratic or unconstitutional (to take over the Perak state government). Remember it well for you will soon eat your words. We will use that in Parliament to kick your ass and BN.

The mentioned of Sept 16 2008 takeover by Anwar that made you wet your pant. Kindly describe how it was done. Honestly you had mentioned countless times about 1Malaysia since taking over as Prime Minister but you continue to use Ketuanan Melayu especially in Perak. So who is a better liar?

On 21st May you will misuse your position again like the way you did when you got Shafee the sex maniac to kow tim the Razak your sex buddy case and Pa TAIL fella on the murder of Altantuya committed by Rosie your wife or whatever you call her. You see there are no secrets in this world especially when it comes to you. Remember also Mahathir can always pretend to lose that file he collected from Special Branch.

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