Thursday, May 7, 2009

Love Or Friendship

If you are ask to choose Love or Friendship, what would your answer be? The choice taken will and can show the kind of person you are.

To be a Sultan is easy but to earn the respect of the people is difficult. A Sultan must be ready to make sacrifices to honour his duties and be strong in his principle. Like all human beings a Sultan can make mistake but he must be man enough to rectify the wrong.

There seem to be a trend that the minute the children of the Sultans become adult, they become materialistic. Their appetite for this and that become uncontrollable. Had Mahathir not taken away their immunity, I believe they would have gone wild.

Sultan Azlan Shah had shown clearly he neither love nor value friendship for his people through his many actions lately. So why bother writing and sending petitions to him?

What happens in Perak on 7th May 2009, will be Najib’s third wrong move. The second was the arrest of the 19 people on Altantuya’s birthday. So Najib there is only 8 more moves to make before the year end. Remember my prediction???????

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