Saturday, May 2, 2009

Labour Day For Who?

Today Malaysians celebrate Labour’s Day. What the hell is there to celebrate when one cannot put food on the table?

Since the Lord Najib has been seated at the premier seat there are plenty of talks, damn stupid talk. Guess what? The ass lickers are so easily excited that changes are taking place. Words are not important only actions are. Right now nothing has changed but looks carefully and notice things are getting worse. Congestions are there, crimes are still rising, foods are still expensive, many still jobless etc. But if one would join the weekend crowd in places like puduraya, mega mall, KLCC, see for goodness see more and more illegal immigrants spending their off days there. What rubbish that are reported in the media by the Home Ministry that many have been sent home?

As long as we continue to allow the stupid elite UMNO members and good for nothing civil servants to earn side income this country is going down hill. Who the hell suffers? THE PEOPLE, US MALAYSIANS, not the UMNO elites and Royalties who are rich beyond their graves.

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