Monday, May 18, 2009

IGP Tells Bar To Do Soul-Searching

IGP Musa Hasan told the Bar Council to do some soul-searching before questioning the arrest of the five lawyers on May 7. First, we should ask these questions, are lawyers above the law? Are they immune from actions if they commit an offence? If they commit an offence, can it be said that they were trying to carry out their professional duties and responsibilities?

IGP, can you answer whether Rosmah is above the law? Was Colonel Azmi lying when he told Tengku Razaleigh and Raja Petra that Rosmah was presence when Altantuya was C4? So was Rosmah carrying out her professional duties and responsibilities as a killer?

You are very silent when it comes to a crime committed by the Prime Minister’s wife. As the Head of the Police Force you are trying to tell us it is okay for Rosmah to murder an innocent foreign guest. So is it not true you support and welcome Rosmah to continue murdering anyone she fancies like maybe your wife?

Should it not be you who must do some soul-searching why you fail to do your duty as the Head of the Police Force? Or is it because you are going to retire soon and could not be bothered?

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