Sunday, May 31, 2009

IGP Musa and AG Gani Can Blackmail Najib

When Mahathir wanted to fix Anwar up, he promised Musa and Gani the number 1 post in their respective field. These two, highly ambitious men were willing to be partners in crime by putting aside their religion and dignity for a physical and monetary gain. Since they do not have any moral principle it was easy.

Fixing Anwar was just the beginning. Many stories have been exposed in the net about the working of these two, covering up cases like the one regarding the death of Kugan, letting the number 1 and 2 underground chief off, no case against Zahid Hamidi when he bash up the innocent boy, the murder of Darren by Nazri’s son, the person who contracted the job for the death of Canny Ong, the sex maniac son of MACC chief, Khalid the husband of Siti Nurhaliza incident etc………………

Many people are against the extension of Musa’s contract but they have to understand that Najib cannot afford to let him go. Half my life I grew up hearing and reading about the scandals of Najib. Though many of them were having sex with women, young girls and people’s wives but they were some serious cases like the commission for the submarines, C4 of Altantuya by his wife Rosmah, making sure Razaak was freed by the court and the abduction of Balasubramaniam and his family. Letting Musa go now is like having a time bomb eager to explode. To make life more interesting Musa always have the cooperation of Gani.

No matter what anyone says I truly believe that Musa and Gani are pulling the strings very tightly round Najib’s throat to get their way and stand to gain more.

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