Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hurricane Zambrian Fury In Ipoh

Hurricane Zambrian run rampage and arrested 14 people after the launch of a three-day hunger strike in Ipoh today.

Apparently Hurricane Zambrian who was lawfully elected by the Court of Appeal as the MB for Perak had issue a new law that no-one absolutely no-one is allowed to wear black, hold a vigil or even go on hunger strike.

Kindly note that all Perakian must assure that their family members do not die during this tiring period. To die is against the law; to wear black for moaning is against the law and to hold a vigil during moaning period is also against the law.

We hereby noted with pleasure that if the Sultan were to die today, please do not moan for his death, do not use black and do not have any gathering especially in the Palace compound.


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