Sunday, May 24, 2009

Honestly Zambry, Are You That Naïve?

One in a while people like Zambry must show us how dumb and stupid Umno members are.

Zambry you may have won in the Appeal Case, but honestly do you think the people are in support for you. Everyone in the street is just waiting for the right day to chop your head off. You are a puke that people shit on, nothing more.

Nizar will now go for another fight in the Federal Court which he will lose too. But let me simply put this forward to remind you, that we, the people will use the same method to whack and get rid of Najib. Then we will see what happens to you. People like you are bad loser. So it will come as no surprise if you choose to commit suicide to cover your shame.

Enjoy your time as MB for Perak and make sure you grab as much as you can get.

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