Friday, March 6, 2009

Conversion Just A Game

Our Islamic Affairs Department does not understand nor do they bother to investigate the motive behind each conversion. They get overexcited and are convinced that each convert they accept, they are sure of a place in Heaven. In plain English they just simply accept, just like accepting bribe without thinking of the consequence or the people around who get hurt in the process.

I remember Father Reuter (deceased) had on many occasions taken percussion before baptizing a person. He consulted with them, if there is any dispute or problems to solve it first before converting so that they would not regret or wants to reconvert back to their other religion. He was prepared to wait and must be 100% convince that it was the right thing to do.

The late Archbishop also took the same course and told me that I was too young to make that decision.

The latest case in the news a 15 months old girl had converted and is now known as Nurul Syuhada Chew Abdullah. It boggles my old mind how the state Islamic Affair officers can do such thing. For goodness sake, leave the child alone and wait until she turns 18 years old to decide for herself.

Religion is not a game to play around. I repeat here and will again for many more years to come, I have FRIENDS and KNOW PEOPLE, WHO CONVERTED FOR MONEY AND POSITION and DO NOT PRACTISE ISLAM AND HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT IS except that they can go to MECCA TO CLEANSE THEIR SIN AND COME BACK TO SIN AGAIN.

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