Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Whose Moral Higher?

UMNO politicians are the worst creature on this planet to talk about moral issues. Right from the time Mahathir was the Prime Minister till Pak Lah and next Najib. These three leaders have no moral especially when it comes to open sex with people’s wives.

Today we have Elizabeth Wong. I do not know her well but we have met a couple of times years back through a cancer patient of mine. I found her to be genuine friendly and helpful without any motive to get something in return. It is seldom easy to meet such person nowadays. Since her appointment in the Selangor state I have heard about her good work. She is dedicated and honest. I cannot say the same for people like Hasan Ali, Khir, Khairy and the rest of the bastards in UMNO Youth. What I can say is that it will be a great loss for Selangor Rakyat to lose such a person like Elizabeth Wong. Photos and Video were taken in the privacy of her own home with her boyfriend, who by the way was a bachelor with no mistress or somebody’s husband.

It would be best that Khir should remember the sex romp he had in his government car with Nurul from Mara college or how about the Singapore trip with an underage girl whom he had to paid RM5 million to silent and even had to give her family 2 acres of land in Selangor. Mind you all these were done during his tenure as Menteri Besar of Selangor.

To think we are stupid. Shut up Khir.

Friday, February 13, 2009

7th April 2009

Prayers should begin now till doomsday for UMNO and BN. Whatever happens spend 10 mins a day without fail to pray for stronger support from the people to wipe off the UMNO supremacy for good. The like of Najib, Khairy etc should be remembered forever in the history of Malaysia and the future generations to reject and make sure we do not give them even a slight chance of sitting in that powerful chair.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

21st Century Tyrant

Imagine being first born to a famous father. Then burden because of his death. Najib born with silver spoon in his cradle was groomed from birth to take control of this country and by inheritance he believes this country belongs to him alone. The Royalties and Agong are his dogs to fetch and do what he demands. The rest are slaves to be punished and taught a lesson if disobey.

In my lifetime I never would have believe if anyone had told me that I would live to see a tyrant in action and right before my eyes. In normal circumstance one would think that history would have taught us the bitterness of being rule by a tyrant. Today we are facing a situation whereby our ex-Prime Minister Mahathir had played an important role in grooming such a person who he will regret and die a disappointed man. Pak Lah too would be blame for not stopping this evil creature from emerging and destroying us.

Najib had been the Minister for Defence for so many decades and had been preparing his own regime to assist him one day when he becomes the Prime Minister. The death of Carrie, Altantuya, Missing Family of Balasubramaniam, the Abduction of the three defectors in the recent Perak crisis to Pekan. This is just the start of more abductions, deaths and vanishing acts.

Najib and Rosmah combine together will be a force so crude and extremely evil that comes April 2009, the truth will be known to all. The existing of this private regime kept secret for so long will do the dirty work for him. This army will have a free hand in running this country.

Absolutely no-one can stop Najib and Rosmah except for the Almighty.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Open Letter To Khairy

Resident and Location HELL

11th February 2009


It would be good if you can just take a peep into Markus Ng blog and even take a few second while not screwing mat salleh whore or Nori to read ‘IN REMEMBRANCE OF MARKUS NG’. This boy though his time was short just 23 years had done tremendous job of securing friends wherever he goes and given his time and service to serve the people. He was not greedy for power or gain. He never once thought of himself but what he could do to help others.

Have you ever realize what a burden you have been to us? You are where you are because you screwed and married Nori. Had you decided to marry Maya instead, you know you are doom. Sad to say how you will live your life come April 2009 and remember you have children, what other murderous way you will take is no difference from Najib and Rosmah who are both professional killers.

You may shout and lead UMNO YOUTH to more illegal protests but tomorrow we the people will just stand up and say enough you bastard and banish you to your rightful place in HELL together with NAJIB and ROSMAH.



Not so long ago Pak Lah incurs almost the same fate as Mohd Nizar the MB of Perak. The only lucky star was that the Agong did not interfere. Had the Agong being Sultan Azlan, I believe Pak Lah would have also been shame and would feel the same bitterness as Mohd Nizar.

Pak Lah stubbornly stayed on in spite of rejection not only from his Cabinet colleague but from the public as well as Mahathir the ex-Prime Minister. His defense was that he was chosen by the people but he forgot it was also the people who rejected him.

Mohd Nizar was chosen by the people, the people did not reject him. Only the Royal Palace of Perak and UMNO did not want him. Even the MCA, GERAKAN and MIC from the opposing fence trusted and knew he was a good leader for Perak. So why is Pak Lah double talking and even UMNO YOUTH should be ashamed how crude and gangsterism manner they have shown us. Especially Khairy who thinks he is semi-God. Come April, Khairy will be sentence to death for his political ambition to be the Prime Minister of this country.

Triple Law

In Malaysia if you belong to UMNO, you can do no wrong. You can do murder, rape, and kidnap even sell arms. It is OKAY. Hey, this country only belongs to UMNO.

But if you are MCA, GERAKAN or MIC, then another law applies depending on your status.

But the rest of us, we have to shut up and be slaves. The UMNO guys and gals will come to us only on election period. After that again we are cast aside and left to die hungry.

This is the reality we are facing. We are not DESPERATE ENOUGH to KICK OUT the rotten elite bustards.

Look what happens at Karpal’s office. The policemen were escorting the UMNO YOUTH bastards. The special squad was there for show. Did any police inspector warn the UMNO YOUTH to disperse? Were Chemical used on the protesters? None whatsoever. But people who protested their frustration in Perak and the Sunday ISA Vigil at Civic Center were rough handled.

Those in BN and members of UMNO and those helping to destroy our country are DOGS to a handful of CORRUPTED MURDERERS. Even the IGP on his retirement soon will be leaving this country for good. This is how bad and dangerous our leaders are.

We need God’s help to bring a major land eruption to wipe off this country for good. The sin of this country is too great.

Meantime I will WISH and PRAY FOR FIVE UMNO STATE ASSEMBLY FROM PERAK TO DIE and wait to see the smile on Sultan Azlan and Najib’s face.

Mohd Nizar do not stand for election. God’s Willing you will be and still is the rightful Menteri Besar of Perak. Be strong.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Iron Premier

The ultimate achievement is so near, Najib can smell and taste the POWER that will finally fall into his hand. Nothing and nothing will stop him. Even God can be cast aside and thrown into ISA..

Latest news that UMNO had again used threat, intimation and even tried to kidnap a councillor in Kedah is nothing new, given the case of the two PKR defectors in Perak. But the wise councilor resigned instead of selling his principle to UMNO. I salute you V Arumugam and being an Indian with such moral. What are the police going to do? The usual answer would be no evidence blah, blah.

In one of Obama’s speech, he said there is ONLY ONE LAW FOR EVERYBODY not two. Here we have the triple flexible law depending on which plate you choose to put your food on.

We are slowly seeing the true side of Najib. He will be cruel without mercy to his enemies. He wants to be THE ONE to grab back the so-called stolen states now under the opposition. Given his greed for POWER, maybe he should remember his late father Tun Razak, did not complete a term in Premiership and what about the prediction of him being the one to destroy UMNO. His action lately seems to be going that way.

Najib Latest PKRbuster

Breaking new - Kedah State Executive Councillor V Arumugam had been threatened and intimidated by the UMNO Mafia Group. For the sake of his family he had resign instead of selling his soul to the Devil UMNO. So there will be an election next month. See even the Hollywood writers and producers cannot beat our record for achieving a blockbuster every month. Malaysia Boleh.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Just Wondering?

Now that Sultan Azlan had sworn in Zambry as the MB. Karpal Singh will file a suit against them. Najib will be Prime Minister next month, so no doubt the court will favour Sultan Azlan and Zambry.

So am I right that this will set a precedent that Agong can sack the Prime Minister in a similar manner?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Doa Hajat

Every Holy Book carries certain prayer/verses that are a necessity to us living being. These prayers are to reflex off the wrong/injustice done to us. How we use them plays an important part to ensure it works properly.

When I was small my great grand uncle used to visit us whenever there is tension among the village/kampung people. No-one calls him but he seems to know when he is needed. Out of nowhere this old gentleman dress in white safari outfit, with white shoe, white cap and a walking stick will just walk into our house. The whole neighbourhood folks would surround the house to catch a glimpse of him. My mum would serve him tea and the conversation would turn to me. Less than five minutes he would just pat my head mumbling some Hebrew words and leave. Mind you the whole village could see him stepping out of the door and just vanished. Then the whole village/kampong folks were back to their friendly self. This uncle is also a mind reader.

Many rich and powerful folks today are seeking Bomoh and Black Magic help to make their enemies suffer, fall from grace, bankrupt, leave their families, give up their child to genie etc. These folks do not die easily. Many suffer greatly before they lose their battle and succumb to death.

Many years ago my help was needed to release a dying royal consort in exchange for an unlimited amount signed cheque. I refused because of my children. I heard three bomohs went to help and suffered greatly after that. There are boundaries you have to draw a line to.

Noriani Mahmood knew she did not have much time and wanted to travel before she leaves this world. We had long discussion about that. But family members refused to accept and even Mahani Daim insisted she seek help in Germany and paid for her medical fee. No Bomoh, Spiritual Leaders, Scientists, Doctors and even John Of God can delay your death.

When DSAI was incarcerated, Datin Seri held Doa Hajat at her home. Not many people realizes that Mahathir felt restless and even his bedroom had creepy and eerie atmosphere, day or night those days. He just could not rest easy in his Mansion. He complained to Siti Hasmah and aide that Datin Seri had gone to seek Bomoh’s help. What Mahathir failed to realize was Doa Hajat is one of the most powerful prayer in the Koran for Muslim to seek justice. Use it wrongly and you shall be punished.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Letter Sent To Sultan Perak

D.Y.M.M. Sultan Perak
Pejabat D.Y.M.M. Sultan Perak Darul Ridzuan,
33007 Kuala Kangsar,
Perak, Darul Ridzuan.

6th February 2009

Ampun Tuanku,

It is a sad and confusing day to accept BN as the state government for Perak. Though you have only the views of your close aides to guide you, maybe just maybe Ampun Tuanku could just walk in the streets and listen and see for yourself the truth behind the people’s anger. For too long BN had been doing nothing for the state except taking care of you. The people of Perak did not enjoy such privileges. Even appeals for assistance or help were ignored. The BN government had too long suck the wealth of your state for their own benefits.

Mohd Nizar the ex-MB of Perak and his men, though only work for 10 months, have achieved what the BN failed to do for so many years. They took care of, listen and even were humble in their dealings with whatever obstacles that were put forward by the BN. Under those circumstances not once did they turn to Ampun Tuanku to intervene? But Ampun Tuanku did not do likewise instead attack them from your protected wall. It was an open secret that you did not want or accepted the opposition to run the State. But the people still hoped and pray that the good work of the opposition would maybe change your mind.

Today Perak have a hang quota in the State Assembly. The three independent members should not be considered or counted, to allow BN to form the State Government. At any one time in the near future if they decide to go back to the opposition or just maybe if a couple of UMNO State Assembly men were to die of stroke tomorrow, what would you do? Ignore the people’s wishes again.

Perak did not have a landslide lately for nothing. Every disaster that happens in the State is a sign from God. Continue to ignore it Ampun Tuanku and your karma would be greater.

Yours sincerely,

Dian Abdullah (Selangor Born)
51, Jalan Wira 2,
Taman Maluri,
55100 Kuala Lumpur

In Trust Is Treason

When my old man was in the government, he used to complain that the Sultans are forever in need of money and contracts. Every month he would get calls from them even in the middle of the night for such help. It was never easy to reject or offer a solution because the Sultans are very stubborn and expect their demands to be met. So much so he always tells his secretary to say he had gone overseas or in meeting with foreign investors. Sultan of Kedah was the most respectable and honest one. Politicians are no different from the royalties too.

Nik Aziz the Menteri Besar of Kelantan had been shame and ignored countless times by the state Sultan. The Sultan had never even till today accepted PAS as the state government. But because Nik Aziz was very humble and looking more like a slave following behind the Sultan in public and never saying much, the hostile was kept to a minimum.

Mohd Nizar the ex-Menteri Besar of Perak, though humble he does speak his mind which rather annoys the Sultan of Perak who is also dependence on UMNO. Though his time was cut short, he did work for the people that were noticeable among the various races and religion.

The recent loss of Perak back to BN should be a lesson for all not only to the opposition parties. There is a saying IN TRUST IS TREASON is never be too sure of anything because you can be stab from behind. To ensure such incident do not occur ever again, the people must give the opposition a bigger mandate and make sure BN is completely wipe off. PKR, DAP and PAS must now prepare and ensure they have enough of loyal and sincere members to stand for the next election.

Like my old man, Nik Aziz and Mohd Nizar never, never trust the Royalties and Politicians and always remain humble and pretend to be stupid.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Rainbow In Perak

I believe the Sultan of Perak will do what is right and dissolve the state assembly. Hanging Mohd Nizar would bring turmoil to the state and to be on Najib’s side at his age would not bring much monetary gain. Unless of course if he thinks that the Regent is in need of favours and financial gain from Najib in the near, near future, that is another story.

The dissolution would bring more contracts, new roads, the recent retrenched workers can come to Perak to collect their ang pow of RM500, new Chinese and Tamil schools, small traders can expect brisk business, hotels can achieve 100% occupancy.

Me, I am sure to be there to collect my share of ang pows and fill my tummy from the rich food that are expected to be dish out from UMNO. This year I have two lucky stars helping me, just maybe I get secure a contract from Najib too. Would you like to join me?

Perak New Mentri Besar

Bota state assemblyman Nasarudin Hashim’s condition to return to UMNO was on the understanding that he be the new Mentri Besar of Perak. Najib agreed to the condition. I was told no money was discussed but certain sum was already banked into his account in Thailand.

This remind me of Hasan Ali, who also wanted to be the Mentri Besar of Selangor. But PAS managed to put a stop to his fantasy.

To think that Pak Lah and Najib not so long ago condemn and belittle DSAI to such game play. See who and which party has become the biggest laughing stock now.

The people of Malaysia demand and insist that the Sultan of Perak stand neutral and dissolve the State Assembly. UMNO can have the money but we the people do not want them to hold the highest position in this country.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

UMNO Gone Wild

Twist and turn, here and there. Well now it is up to the Sultan of Perak to do the right thing. That is to dissolve the state assembly and let the people decide.

The Sultan was aware of the flying money dished out by UMNO but whether this kind of offer had been extended to the royal household only God knows. Well we will know before the day ends.

The arrogance manner UMNO had continued to ride on will not last long. In fact if fresh election is permitted I am very sure the people of Perak will teach and even shame Najib and UMNO beyond repair. Perak people have benefitted much during the short period under Mohd Nizar. Though many obstacles were put in front of him by UMNO, he never once lost his cool instead he continued his work. This is what the people have observed and I believe the Royalty too noticed that.

Like all Malaysian I truly believe many more people had become sick and tired the way money had been used to purchase power and position. UMNO will definitely stand to lose all right and position in Perak for a long, long time. The people of Perak will do their KUNGFU KICK and seal their death.

Open Fax To The Deputy Prime Minister

Dear Mr Deputy Prime Minister,

I am not a politician but just an unnoticeable citizen who wishes to suggest to you, the best way to win an election.

Offering RM50 million or RM25 million to an individual is just a waste of time, plus more SD have to be swept under the already bloated carpets.

Would it not be better if you will just slip an envelope with a bank draft of RM1 million in it, since it is safer than carrying cash, to all the voters who come out to vote on Election Day? You could add that this is just a token of appreciation for voting UMNO.

I can give full guarantee that the whole country plus all the illegal immigrants with MYKAD will come out in full force to vote for you and UMNO. It is that simple, why bother to cause so much of headache for the people of Perak especially the new EC ding dong.

I hereby declare I will donate 50 million envelopes to you free for the next election and will volunteer to help you distribute your kind gesture to all the voters.

Sincerely yours,

Dian Abdullah

Monday, February 2, 2009

City Day

I must have got up on the wrong side of bed today. I started the day with everything going wrong no matter how much I tell myself to cool it. Everything I planned for the day did not move smoothly.

Suddenly like a lightning bolt I told myself I have to attend tonight’s ISA vigil at the Civic Center because the police and FRU with their black truck will be in full attendance. Bingo I was right. I was not afraid and was together with those brave supporters. For the past couple of weeks, personal matters turn up and I had not been able to attend. But tonight was a MUST. The police were over friendly and took many, many photos. So those pictures would now be handed over to immigration to have us blacklisted and ban from travelling overseas.

When the supporters dispersed and some proceeded to Lotus Restaurant for teh tarik, the FRU and police personnel surrounded the place. Would Datuk Khalid announce in the press soon that to have teh tarik in a group is consider an illegal assembly too? Would the owners of Lotus Restaurant be forced to close shop every Sunday evening so that no-one can have their teh tarik? After serving so many years in the police force, been bullied by others and now a Datuk, it is not surprising he seek to be revengeful and petty.

The present government and the police should not waste time, instead should understand why the ISA Vigil will not die off. If Obama can give notice to close Guantanamo Detention Camp, why is our government holding Kamunting so tightly. Do they not have confidence in themselves to run this country?

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