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As we near the end of 2008 and rejoice the coming of 2009. Can we honestly say we have achieve our goal so far? Year in year out resolutions are made but never fulfilled. Will 2009 be the same like most times?

2009 will be a year of death, recession, unemployment, increase of crime and more people will not be able to feed their families. What is our role to help to ease the burden for the unfortunate ones? Many but are we going to make an effort or even lift our fingers to do something?

My resolution for the coming year 2009 will be the most important one ever in my entire life. The future of my child is at stake. As she sleeps ignorant of what is to come that will affect her entire and precious life.


Internal Affair

I am not taking anyone’s side. But the internal bitterness is something that DSAI have to acknowledge and work out himself. I was part of the reformasi in 1998. I do understand the feeling of resentment and frustration certain parties are facing presently. DSAI has definitely changed. For better or worse belong to ones opinion on what you expect from him.

To have Khalid sitting on the MB seat is the biggest insult of all. He never supported DSAI in private or public in 1998. It was after DSAI had served time and was freed that Khalid became close to him, just because of certain dispute with the government. Khalid has never and will never be loyal to PKR. But Khalid does have a nose for smelling money.

The other issue is a certain top level person who need not be named because he will depart from this world soon.

Small or big whatever the problem, would it not be better if DSAI could spare some precious time to listen to their woes instead of having an attitude that things will w…

Brainless Friend

A friend of mine is loaded with cash she does not know what to do with it. I am not jealous neither do I envy her. I have never long to be rich or worship money. Friends and relatives who have known me since I was a child has never understood me when I replied that my destiny here is not being rich, having properties or any materialistic goods. My only treasure and gift from God are my five kids.

Back to my brainless friend who thinks that everyone around her need not work or have a money plant planted in their bedrooms. Every month she and another friend who is also brainless will organize high tea in four and five stars hotels ranging from RM45 per pax. They look down and bad mouth other ladies who do not attend these tea sessions. Then there is this alternative month of shopping spree overseas for women cum golfing session for their husbands.

Then they have a so called support day for orphan to show their caring side, which amount to just a show of face and having tea with the…

Stupid Government

Sometimes I find the government’s policies and way of doing things so damn childish and stupid that I wish I have a magic wand to turn those fools into rocks.My nephew was forced to take a course that he did not apply for.Then after graduation he was again forced to do his Master because his degree is not recognized by our government.Now after completing that, he was told not to come back because there is no job available for him.Again he was forced to get a job or do his PhD. Other alternative he should apply for a PR since he is not obliged to serve the government or pay a single sen back.My nephew wants to come back but the people in JPA said NO.So why are the government and some idiots complaining about brain drain?Will someone from JPA accord such privilege to my five children so that they do not come back to this corrupted and murderous country I call home?

Locals Jobless

Wow what a Christmas and New Year present for 4,700 local workers who are going to lose their jobs in three months time. So this is what happens when you have a corrupted government who does not care one single bit. Will these 4,700 workers going to protest and tell the government to get rid of the privilege legal and illegal immigrants? The answer is NO. Reason being locals can turn to crime to feed their families. They know that if they were to make a single sound the government has an easy method of shutting their mouth up. ISA or C4. In March 2009, Najib and Rosmah will be the king and queen by then. So from experience you and I know what to expect from them. Najib’s father is founder of ISA so the son Najib must ensure he uses that right to clam his neighbours and enemies into submission and be torture for life.

Rumor has it that new wings have already started construction in Kamunting ready in time for more guests to arrive after March. I wonder who will get such honor…

Stop Talking

Now that everything has more or less settled down, could everyone just shut up and get professional help to seek compensation for losses incur during the recent landslide. Those affected should take the UMNO government, Khir, the Ex-Councilors and developer to court and hang them for murder. Stop blaming and asking for help from the present state government which has nothing to do with the disaster. What happened is the after effect of an inefficient and corrupted management that refused to think of the people? There were death and losses. Do not compromise with them. Malaysian leaders must be whip hard to know that we, citizens of this country cannot accept this kind of tidak apa mentality.

Look even our Prime Minister is sleeping and praying and hoping God will do his job for him. In his haste to move forward he chooses to glide in his fantasy rainbow and believed that he is the first and only one able to change the Malays and making many reforms that are questionable and hope…

Last Hoorah

December is always a busy month for me.Year in, year out this particular month is a month of celebration and sorrow.I have to attend birthdays, weddings, celebrations, funerals, birth, gathering of fellowship and visits to relatives or friends in hospital.The swift of wave is so fury and fast that before I know it December has come and gone.Each year I feel hopeless I did not achieve much for this particular month.In a way it is good for my soul to find peace in December.Last Sunday 22nd December the old boys of class 68/70 of MCKK celebrated their 40th anniversary.I enjoyed myself very much.I notice many of them are still very alert and energetic in spirit and mind.Would it not be possible to put them into good use for our future generation and this country?Many of them are talented in music and play.Now that most of them have retired and plenty of time to spare, why not do a musical play?Proceed collected can use as sponsorship for all-rounder students who are in need of scholarship…

Zamlah The Muslim Man

Open Letter to Zamlah the Muslim Man

As a muslim in name only you show others you pray five times a day. You walk and dress like a muslim. You work and talk like a muslim. You and your wife go to Mecca to show you are a muslim. You share your worries and lies to your relatives, friends and contractors like a muslim. But then you are a cheat and believe in your own lies like a crook muslim man. How well you live like a muslim knowing you have betray others who have help you become a millionaire and successful? But then your Islam is not the muslim way and my gift will be your biggest obstacle to your dying days.

Malaysian Police

Walk into any police station and you will notice the damp patches on the ceiling, the antique fans, air-conditions that is on but not cold and noisy, the broken tables and chairs, walls that crying for new paint, floors that been abused a million times and broken toilets that even the orang utan would not want to use and computers that takes ages to print, my latest experience took two and half hours to print out just one report. Yes this is the working condition of our fantastic police force. Millions are been spent to upgrade the police stations but then when your grandfather, uncle, relatives, friends etc are the main beneficiaries, so eventually many corners are cut or not done as should be.

Today I am writing not on behalf of anyone in particular but am disgusted by the condition of the environment our police personnel have to endure daily, knowing that the top five bosses are too busy looking after themselves especially when their retirement is just round the corner.

For the pa…