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Uncertainty And Anxiety

We will soon be moving into the more meaningful part of the twenty-first century. During these first few years of this century we have been living for the most part according to the values, beliefs and mind set of the previous century and in fact we haven’t yet entered into the era for which the twenty-first century will be known.
The next 15-20 years will be a transition period which will include major changes profoundly affecting every country, every segment of society and every individual on the planet. These changes, taking place on multiple levels and representing a major shift will be the most important event that has ever happened on our planet.
This may seem like a bold statement to some, but the full import of societal change isn’t often recognized by a changing society before or even during the transition, but only years after it has taken place. This is especially true for those who fear change and cling to the past. But for those forward thinking individuals, who are not bou…

Joful Celebration

Hari Raya is just round the corner. Everyone is busy preparing for the big feast. But somewhere else there are others who are miserable and sad. Not because they have no money to celebrate but their love ones are locked up for the sake of security and threat to the present government.

When Pak Lah was out of UMNO during Mahathir’s era, he used to have teh tarik with the late Pillai till Subuh. They would discuss everything politic and Pak Lah had always maintained that he would abolish ISA, kick the life out of Shahidan, Mat Taib and most important the greedy Sarawak CM and put a full stop to corruption. Well time and again Pak Lah had shown he did not fare better. Instead he had become worst than Mahathir.
Well at least he had created a name for himself in our Malaysia History as a FLIP FLOP PRIME MINISTER.

Back to our present day, today the 19th September, 2008 bring good news. First, what we had hoped and pray will finally come to an end before Raya. Those being lock up under…

The Game

Pak Lah is no chess player. I doubt very much he knows anything about chess. So the strategy is to kill all and hope to win the game. It is a big risk he is willing to take since he has nothing more to hold on to.

By taking over the Defence Ministry, Pak Lah hopes to cripple Najib and Mahathir’s alliance with the army and control them. It is not Yong that is the pain in the ass but Najib and Mahathir. But then Pak Lah tends to forget that the army and Najib are inseparable.

The use of ISA on Teresa and RPK is just an announcement from Pak Lah to his competitors that he is in control of the police so BEWARE. But the police cannot and will not touch Najib and Mahathir, so Pak Lah has to take control of the army and hopes to frighten them. Now will both Najib and Mahthir change their game plan with the latest move?

The winner of this game lies with the Agong.

Documents To Bank Negara

19th September 2008

Special Investigation Unit,
Bank Negara,

Dear Sir,

Re: Police Report THSL/02535/08

Reference to the above mentioned, I hereby enclose a file containing documents of 14 other Exelasia Venture Sdn. Bhd., investors' who were also cheated of their money.

Cheong Chee Kee
Nursiah Bt Bador
Wan Rokiah
Wong Hong Fook
Wong Weng Kin
Chen Set Li
Pang Hui Jiuan
Loo Teng Keng
Liang Chia Mai
The Ah Yeong @ Yong
Tan Yeam Chong
Chong Hwa Sin
Pow Chee Ming
Mohd Nasir Bin Hasim

I understand from Kartar Singh A/L Deva Singh, he had already handed over to you his documents and police report.

With this I hope you could expedite the investigation to include Bryan Ching who is attached with CIMB Wealth Advisors Berhad as a unit trust consultant. By talking to the investors, you can conclude they were persuaded and influence by Bryan Ching who insisted that the bond he is keeping for safe keeping were genuine and his experience as a unit trust consultant has the backing of CIMB to go into…

The New Beginning

The day has finally arrived. I have waited since 1998 till today to witness the beginning of a new dawn. It is worth every single second and minute of my life. Now I can tell my children there is hope for this country. No more high handed arrogant bastards to bully us. Treating us like nobody. We will work toward equality and be true Malaysians.

Let’s throw those unwanted rubbish away for good. We will show them how things should have been done a long time ago.

Good bye Pak Lah, Najib, Khairy and most important Mahathir. Go and enjoy your sinful money and suffer in health. Khir and Ahmad hang yourself and meow somewhere else.

The Last Whip

In a horse race the jockey will use his whip to hit the horse side to run faster to the finish line, whether he wins or not will depend on how strong and healthy the horse is. But if the horse is already half dead, no matter how hard one whip, the horse will not be able to win the race.

This is exactly what happens to Pak Lah. By using his one and only ISA Whip, he hopes that this will frighten the people and especially the FROGS that are going to cross over to rethink and will instead stay on in UMNO. But then Pak Lah has always been slow to realize that he is the sickly horse that no amount of medicine can cure. History has shown many times that the supporters of a weak leader will eventually give up and join the enemy. No amount of persuasion, money or threat can stop the move.

With just another four days to go. Let’s indulgence the sick horse to believe he will live another day.

We wait and pray,
We wait and hope,
We wait to abolish ISA,
We wait to abolish BN,
What more can we ask?

Angry Old Man

Kedah is the RICE BOWL of MALAYSIA. I learnt that in primary school. My school principal used to tell us that without Kedah we would starve to death. We must always be grateful to that state for giving us our most important meal for the day. At our school assembly, the principal would always say thank you Kedah for the rice produce. I never understood why then. Later when I visited her at the old folk home, she explained that she had visited an ex-student of hers in Kedah and notice the long hours her ex-student and her family have to toil in the field just to produce a bag of rice.

Later in life I had the opportunity to witness first hand the work of padi farmers in Kedah. My in-laws relatives were padi farmers for four generations. Back in 1984 they were earning around RM450 per harvest. Then came along Shahidah, Daim and Mahathir, who created Bernas. The proposal was good and a fantastic life line for the padi farmers to earn more. Initially everything went smoothly but wit…

The 2M

Wow the old unwanted man is making a come back. So whose idea is this, Muhyiddin or my old man? Please, if you do not want to attend any big funeral before Raya just forget it. Let it be Mahathir’s karma to die outside his UMNO, the way he planned for Hussein and TAR. Mahathir must suffer the same fate. Mahathir you have lost your missile just go shoot your canon somewhere else.

The people of Johore have had bad experience with the arrogant Muhyiddin who thought he was higher than the Sultan and God. Now he is hoping to be the Deputy Prime Minister. Go lay your eggs in the Indian Ocean. We the people of Malaysia cannot and will not allow that to happen. You might have all the ex, ex- big shots of UMNO behind you but Allah is more powerful. Just you wait and see.

The members in UMNO must have gone bananas thinking that the 2M is the best answer to our country’s problem. The reality is Barisan Nasional especially UMNO must be shame and destroyed so that they will learn their lesson. Witho…

200 Cheating Cases Per Day

This is the amount of reported cases to Bank Negara per day. Most of these cases are related to people who are in the investment business. There are consultants for big companies like CIMB Wealth Advisors etc…….. With a big company backing these consultants can easily influence innocent especially the pensioners into investing so called off shore scheme that will give better returns. At the beginning, the investors do get their interest, but after three to five months payment, the money will suddenly stop coming in. This is the beginning of a long journey of excuses. These consultants will suddenly change their role into spin tellers giving all kind of excuses why there is no more money coming in. The most useable excuses would be Bank Negara is asking for this and that requirements. Then again there is delay because of miscommunication in overseas. Lies and more lies blaming Bank Negara. Eventually when the truth comes out, either these consultants disappeared or they will …

Hope And Vengeance

September 16 2008 is the day of HOPE and VENGEANCE for most of us. I understand the feeling and frustration Raja Petra has been going through lately. Every one of us go through life experience like hardship, hurt, wrongly accused, sad, depression and frustration. But somewhere along this path we also experience the good side of it. How each one of us learns from this depends on us? Being human beings we want to satisfy our hurt direct at the doer. But that is not possible sometimes. So we just have to pray and wait for someone else to do that for us.

1992, 2002, 2006 and 2007 are the four years I will always remember and I will not be generous like Anwar to forgive certain people. They have hurt my family beyond repair. I have always stood by my principle that I must never hurt someone’s children or tried to destroy their education or their lives. These people have done just that to me and are protected by the present government. I trust Anwar to keep to his words and promises…

Investors of Exelasia Venture Are Foolish

Some of the investors of Exelasia Venture are plain stupid and foolish. Bank Negara has already denied they have corresponded or had any dealing with Exelasia. Exelasia Venture Sdn. Bhd does not even have the licence to collect money. Yet the investors still believe that some fairy godfather is going to shower them with money.

Samsuddin and Lisa have already admitted they do not have the money or the mean to return the funds except to borrow from Eko Suharto. Nobody in their right mind would want to lend them RM12 million for nothing in return, furthermore from experience Indonesians are the worst people to trust in business. They can promise the world to you and everything is forgotten once you become useless to them. The last letter to the investors was so impressive that everyone thought they strike gold. Then when the fund did not turn up, Lisa and Samsuddin gave the excuse that Bank Negara wanted certain conditions to be met first. “Bank Negara does not want your money, they have …

Up And Down

One minute you are up, the next you are down and out. Stop thinking dirty. I am talking about the Prime Minister solution to fuel price and his fate.

No matter how much you bring down the fuel price now, it is too late. Prices of goods have already risen and can never ever come down again like before. The Prime Minister and his cabinet are dumb bells who never think far and always rushing to solve problems. Had they discuss and do a proper study, prices of goods could have been maintain and controlled? This is the reason why many educated and open minded people do not join the civil servant. Civil servants are robots who have no soul and brain. Their mere existence is to collect as much wealth possible before they die so that they can take the gold to their grave.

While you are going at fast speed to win the hearts of Malaysians, Pak Lah can I have some APs say around 300, so that I can be a useless Bumiputra who cannot do business? Not possible how about RM300,000 mara loan so …

Harapan Malaysia

Some may call it a blessing in disguise for SKMM to deny access to Malaysia-Today. I cannot help but agree. The name Malaysia-Today is not suitable for the climax that are happening and yet to come. We should hope, pray and look forward to the future. That is exactly what Raja Petra has been doing. He has time and again taken us back in time to look at the fact and history and tried to persuade us to look at things his way and what our future should be. So what if it is not perfect? But without us taking the first step to change and make our dream come true, we cannot know what we are capable of and the insurance of tomorrow for our children.

Malaysian must always be dreamers for a righteous and united future. Without it we are dead and useless. How long are we going to be bullied by the UMNO mafia who are selfish, greedy and cruel?

So with Harapanmalaysia which mean Malaysia Hope, let’s begin a new dawn with plenty of hope with a helping hand from the mirror portal HarapanMalaysia. Thr…