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Copy Cats

Desperate to hold on to their power Pak Lah and Najib are reincarnating the same plot with a slight difference. This time they are very sure they can achieve the ultimate goal of getting rid of DSAI for good with the help of Patail and Musa. But is it worth it just to stay awhile longer on the seat? Mahathir lost face and had to resign. Daim’s wife Mahani tried to commit suicide after the incident and Rahim Noor, just for RM20 million is a ruin man. These are the main characters, go a bit further down to the small players what did they get in return? Shame.

Mahathir lost all when he started this game and now Pak Lah and Najib are hoping that with a combine hands they can win this Russian roulette.

I sympathize with DSAI’s family who has to go through this scenario again.

It is obvious the power to be have no more resources knowing the end is near. But they must never forget they themselves have closet full of dirt that are known by others. You get too personal we too are capable of being…

Undertaking Letter without meaning



Lies, lies and more lies. Everyone tell lies but when you connect murder to a lie, you cannot lie when it is written all over your face. It is so much more when you look into Najib’s guilty face and the way he denied the truth. The first thing I look is the eye, the way it blinks, then the nose, mouth expression and the forehead and last the ears. The colour of the face deepens too, is good indication. There is no such thing as expressionless face. Scientists have also studied that the eye pupil is so pure that even a white lie can be detected from it.

When RPK wrote about Najib’s connection to the Altantuya case, the reaction from the police was fast motion, raid his home and charge him in court. But this time a declaration was made on the 18th June against Rosmah, and the police are still investigating. Whether this is a good indication or not, has yet to be seen. Given that we have different laws for different people the public cannot hope for the truth to come out. Politically Naji…

Exelasia Venture Sdn. Bhd.

A scam is a scam but the creativeness in the plot is how people are always fooled into parting with their life savings for easy money. Most investors declare they do not like to gamble but investing in something you do not fully understand the process is like throwing money down the drain. It would have been easier if you had taken your life saving and gamble it in Genting. I am not promoting that place but it is 50/50 risk better than 1% chance of getting your money back from easy money scheme. Plus you need not listen to so many lies to cover each lies.

For the past one year the 45 members who invested their savings for an off shore scam by Exelasia Venture Sdn. Bhd have been fed lies after lies regarding the return of it. The money just simply vanished through the generosity of Lisa Chin Lai Fun, Sansudim Bin Ariffin and George Kurka Anak Maja.

After so many rubber cheques and even declaration of oath to commit the return of funds nothing is on the horizon.

But one interesting st…

Hell Neighbour

Sometimes I wonder whether people realized how much problems they can create with their foolish behaviour just to get noticed or are plain arrogant. To me these people are plain stupid.

Every time there is problem in Taman Maluri I am the first person the residents will turn to for help. Whatever answer I give is never good enough? They expect miracle from me. Take for instance the parallel drains along the main road (Jalan Wira) which is in need of replacement. If possible relocate the Night Market. Stop the filthy house cum restaurant business along Jalan Wira, get rid the illegal immigrants and stop illegal stall operators at Jalan Belangkas who continues to pay bribes to DBKL officers. 16 years I have written and went to the media for help yet I have not got any results. Now I am waiting to see whether Mdm Lo Lo will just be another MP like our mayor and Federal Minister who do not see or hear.

Now my front neighbour is one kettle I need to burn personally. They are a menac…

Vixen without soul

It is good that the truth had finally being exposed. Many years ago they were talks from her household staff that Rosmah goes through Najid personal belonging with a fine comb almost daily to check on his infidelity. Whatever she could find like hair, string, stain etc they are sent to a very reliable bomoh who lives in the hill near the Thai Border. Whatever cannot be fixed by him she will make them disappear for good in her own way? Maybe a thorough investigation into Najid’s sexual activities can reveal how many girls, women, widow or divorcee had disappeared.

She even fixes anyone who annoys her. My article that was published in Malaysiakini is one good example. She got hold of my photograph from an NST reporter and sent it to that bomoh.

Rosmah is one ambitious bitch who had destroyed and made use of her first husband to get involved with Najid. Though he got RM2 million for giving her the divorce, he was already mentally destroyed. When I met him after he came back from Sara…

Sin Money

We are so corrupted that life without greed for just a day is simply impossible. I hated the ways things are only done when money is given. The most corrupted are the civil servants, follow by the semi-government.

The monopoly of puspakom to inspect all types of vehicle is one good example. Since the beginning they have incorporated the Indian system of bribes. Meaning from the inspectors down to the person who write down your particulars they all share the sin money. Buses, Lorries and Taxis are the hardest hit. A sum of RM50 maybe now RM100 must be given together with your particulars before they bother to touch your car. Yes just to touch. That will take as long as five hours. Then it will follow the line and some jerk will just go through the inspections and you are given the green pass. If there is any hitch on the vehicle another RM50 will do nicely.

I have spoken to many taxi drivers who complain endlessly that if they do not pay they are not able to earn a living for …

Nirmala Bonat Case

Something strange strikes me when I read in the news Yim Pek Ha ninth defence witness, lawyer K. Balaguru's statement as follows- Balaguru said that Yim told him one day when she was breastfeeding her newborn; she had called Nirmala into the room and said, “Mari tengok. Satu hari, kau pun akan buat macam ini.” (Come and see. One day you’d be doing the same.)

Person with a right mind will never call her maid to see her breastfeeding. I have five kids and I have breastfed them in public discreetly but not once have I called the attention of any of my kids or even my sister or close unmarried friends to see what I do. My friends too have never done that.

Medical researched had shown enough evidence to sudden change of hormone (post-natal depression) after each child birth. Every mum goes through that eccentric phase, some in small doses and some has gone to the extent of putting their child in the microwave or washing machine. I for one offended my mother-in-law during that period even…

Generosity Misused

The free food centres run by NGOs and church members throughout the world that I have the opportunity to help out, opens my heart to see such care and love by the volunteers and workers to ensure a proper meal is serve for the unemployed and homeless. The number of foreigners and young capable adults that come to this centre are very small.

In Malaysia one of the centre is run by a dark, tall and handsome friendly man name Carl. Drop the l and add in e and you will have CARE. His parents must have known his destiny is to care for the unfortunate ones by naming him that.

The free food centre is located beside the St John Cathedral. The folks come in around 10am to wait for the food to be served at 12 noon, Monday – Friday. The volunteers are mostly women. What saddens me is that young capable and even foreign men are hogging the food at the centre. Out of the estimated 120 folks that eat free, 20 of them are people I know who are still working and are regular customers to Genting. 80 of …

Dear Mr Deputy Prime Minister

Please humour my dwindle age and memory. Since the recent fuel hike and all the daily flip flopping your boss and the cabinet are causing to this nation. I am confused. Based on the front page of NST today. I like to personally ask you just one simple question which I know you are either gallant enough to answer or trying to change history in your stupid way.

The answer to this question will definitely change all the history so far written and studied in school and can even challenge the young generation to look up to you in a dumbfounded way.


My feeling

Marriage is a risky investment. There is no guarantee it will last or there is happiness. Back in the olden days marriages were arranged by match makers. So if the marriage does not work or bad luck occurs, the match makers and the girls would be blame. Today it is almost unheard of in this country.

When marriages go sour or they seek new horizon, the Malays in this country have a solution to that. They get another wife. Since it is allow in their religion to have four wives, they are very liberal about it and do not care two hook about the girls’ feeling.

The Chinese on the other hand are more conservative. They prefer to maintain the wife and fool around. They have an insurance plan for old age and when they are sick- someone to look after them. To ensure a suitable life partner, they seek the help of fortune-tellers. The announcement of Tony Leung and Carina Lau to tie the knot in October 2008, after the former turn 46 years old on 27 June 2008 was base on the advice of a fortun…

AP millionaire cum billionaire

At the end of the rainbow lies a chest of gold, is not a myth but a true fact in Malaysia Boleh Land. All one has to do is lick Mahathir, Daim, Rafidah and Pak Lah ears and bingo a couple of hundreds, the biggest lickers get thousands of APs handed over to them. Where in the world can you find such luxury benefit flow into your chest box year in year out without a tickle of guilt?

A personal friend of mine has been getting a couple of hundred APs since 1984 till today. He sells them and make around RM3 million per year. Now anyone with that kind of free money would have done something worthwhile in business and life. From kindergarten, restaurant, travel agency, telecommunication, real estate etc he has never make money. But because of his yearly allowance of RM3 million he did not have to worry about losses incur for the past 24 years. His 6 salesmen are paid a basic salary of RM3000 excluding commission and for the past four years have only sold 2 cars.

His eccentric behaviour r…

Lost for Words

Today I met a couple who operate from home making cupcakes. Since the wife does the baking and the husband does the marketing, the overhead is low. We got into talking the recent fuel price. His thinking is that it is still low and affordable to the majority of the people. It is the opposition who are playing it out to show that the government is stupid and do not know how to manage the increase of fuel world wide. He does not think that this government or even if the opposition like Lim Kit Siang, Karpal or for the matter Anwar can do better. These politicians can only talk. He mentioned that nine years ago Ezam announce to the world and even went to jail saying he has in his possession six boxes of files containing corruption by several Ministers. Till today no files has seen the daylight. Then he mentioned that Raja Petra can only write rubbish and has never shown any proof or given concrete evidences to the police or ACA is just a bullshitter. People like Nades from the Sun is ano…

Monthly Heat

The Prime Minister announcement that fuel prices will be review every month really sucks. The maze seems to get bigger by the day without a focus plan. In true style Pak Lah again has shown us that he and the Cabinet are a bunch of idiots who have no idea how to manage our country. They are only good at creating scheme after scheme, invisible project after invisible project that sucks up our money. We should create a month long jam at KLCC demanding for the right to view the past and present account of Petronas. Pak Lah cannot simply take the excuse - paper in name as Khalid has mentioned today in the press, high cost of fuel in the world to jack up. Four hours of discussion with hefty high tea thrown in cannot justify the seriousness that affect the whole nation. Who are the experience expect think tank group who did their search, calculation and forecast? How long did they take to do all that? Were there any discussion and advice source from the various oil companies and co…

Dear God

What did the Malaysian people do wrong to deserve a deaf, blind, selfish and corrupted people in the government to ruin our lives? There is no end in sight to the amount of money wasted on unnecessary things like going for study trips Oversea. Year in year out, complain after complain. yet the Cabinet do not seem to care. Though they are supposed to be educated I believe maybe they are also deaf in their brains and blind to read our anger.

Today’s article in the Star brings out the frustration and anger in me to read that after so many years sitting in their position 15 high-ranking officers, including FT Minister Datuk Seri Zulhasnan Rafique and KL mayor Datuk Abdul Hakim Borhan are going for a well-paid so called study trips. Reason given “The ministry feels you cannot run a city the old way and in order to become a world-class city one must incorporate new ideas and ways and that’s what this study tour is all about,” said Shazril. Excuse me you moron, open your eyes wide and real…

Ruling Government a Burden to Us.

Come August 2008, the people will be burden with the increase of fuel. The cost of living will spiral like torpedo. Malaysia one of the richest countries in South East Asia with abundance of resources and minerals that was once the envy of Singapore had been raped and bruised by Mahathir and Pak Lah. These two leaders do not think of the citizens that they are ruining; instead they scheme at every opportunities to enrich themselves are now at war. Mahathir who believe and think he is the greatest and best Prime Minister in History should just shut up and retire in peace. His children who had at one time own 300 companies and none had make money is a tremendous insult and shame to his name. Yet they think they are so clever and smart. If Daim had not used government money to bail them and Gani Patail had not misused his position, I believe they would be serving time. Daim will not misuse the information he has but Gani Patail is questionable as whether he has or will use the hid…