Monday, October 20, 2008

ISA For Khairy

This is an extract from MCA General Assembly.
Ting called Khairy a “policitical loser” who should be booked under the ISA. He also wanted former UMNO Bukit Bendera division chief Datuk Ahmad Ismail to be held under the same act for describing Malaysian Chinese as pendatang (squatters). “However, people like Khairy and Ahmad can talk all they want and no action was taken against them. “If we want to use the ISA, let’s use it against these people first. Lock them up for two years; let them think through everything they say so they can realize how nonsensical and narrow-minded they are”. Ting said he believed Khairy would lose the race for the UMNO Youth Chief post at the party’s election in March. “I believe this irresponsible leader will su dao tuo ku (be badly defeated) at the UMNO elections. “That will be the ultimate embarrassment for him, to see that he is rejected even by his own people.” “After that, may we never hear from such a political loser again.”

Now will the entire division chiefs in UMNO going to close their eyes and ears what the majority of people in Malaysia have been saying all along. Even the whole world is in the know. Why are all the division chief bent on worshipping MONEY? What about the future? Are the entire division chiefs going to send their love ones overseas for good? Come on; wake up to the fact that the sinful money you collect will destroy this country in the near future (2009).

My suggestion would be to send Khairy, Ahmad, Najib, Hishammuddin and Albar to Singapore and let the grand master Lee Kuan Yew pierce their tongue and brain.

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