Sunday, October 26, 2008


I toss and turn trying hard to come to term with the knowledge that poor people actually are at the mercy of those who are capable and are in a position to help but refuse to.

This year has been a tiring long good and bad experience for me. Politically the situation in this country has gone down the toilet. As long as UMNO is in power nothing absolutely nothing good will turn up for the coming days. The poor will get poorer, the middle class will be poor and the filthy rich will enrich themselves further. Our voices will be cut off completely.

At home I face a rather unusual situation that requires legal assistance. I have thought hard for a few years now how to go about seeking redress and this opportunity just fell onto my lap. But now face a situation that no legal assistance is possible if I cannot come up with the sum either in one or two payments. The fee is rather steep. So now I am face with a new problem.

I do understand that lawyers have to be well paid in order for them to run their business properly. But would it not be ethical to justify a client’s financial background and charge accordingly. I was told by legal aid lawyers I do not qualify for their assistance because I am a housewife and my husband has retired. Then others refuse to accept my proposal. So I am neither here or there. Which means I cannot get a lawyer to represent me? So how do I seek justice? I am willing to pay but cannot afford the full sum in one payment or two.

They are others like me in this kind of situation who fail to get help. So we are lost forever.

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