Friday, September 5, 2008

Up And Down

One minute you are up, the next you are down and out. Stop thinking dirty. I am talking about the Prime Minister solution to fuel price and his fate.

No matter how much you bring down the fuel price now, it is too late. Prices of goods have already risen and can never ever come down again like before. The Prime Minister and his cabinet are dumb bells who never think far and always rushing to solve problems. Had they discuss and do a proper study, prices of goods could have been maintain and controlled? This is the reason why many educated and open minded people do not join the civil servant. Civil servants are robots who have no soul and brain. Their mere existence is to collect as much wealth possible before they die so that they can take the gold to their grave.

While you are going at fast speed to win the hearts of Malaysians, Pak Lah can I have some APs say around 300, so that I can be a useless Bumiputra who cannot do business? Not possible how about RM300,000 mara loan so that I can lavish on myself a brand new Range Rover or a BMW instead of doing business. Or how about a RM30 million contract to build police quarter using inferior materials. Better still, the railway track in Rawang, just another RM1 billion to do a shoddy job, so that I can buy a mansion in Australia?

Since you became the Prime Minister of Malaysia you had done nothing good for the people. You had destroyed our home, sanity and unity.

The people who work under and around you do not respect and have a kind word for you. Yet you buat bodoh and continue to lavish yourself with unworthy pleasure and dreams.

People are saying Jeanne has brought you bad luck. But the truth is YOU ARE THE JINX that destroyed everything you touch.

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