Monday, August 11, 2008

My Babi Your Hutan

Babi balik Cina this is the remark make by an intelligent educated Malay man. I can accept that. But when the Chinese screw you equally good Melayu balik hutan make sure you accept that too before you shout Bukit Kepong, May 13 and ISA. I stand by my words that we can screw each other provided it is not to the advantage of the Malays only.

Malaysia population stands at 26 million based on the last survey. Most Malaysians by now are already mix parentage that there are hardly any pure Malays left. So who are the Babi that brainless man is talking about. Investigation into that brainless man background would show he is not even a full bloodied Malay.

When I insult the Malays and the Muslim, I am also insulting my family. But they understand why I do so. My family does not take any insult from me quietly but make sure they give me a piece of their mind and I accept their views. But I too must bear in mind my husband and I are from mixed parentage too in race and religion.

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