Sunday, August 24, 2008


Last month I asked a friend to write something about Ismail Ali Muda for the month of the soul. Since he did not I will do so today with little information I have.

Ismail Ali Muda was a famous singer in Kelantan back in the olden days. At the peak of his career he married my friend’s sister. Many fans were disappointed and one got so emotional that she enlisted the help of the bomoh to get rid of Ismail’s wife. Few occasions when I was staying with them I have witness many weird and unpleasant encounter. The many bomohs that Ismail seek help to cure his wife did not work. There were a lot of financial, emotional and mental stress surrounding the young couple plus with the birth of her two children, the wife could not cope and had to resign as a teacher. Things went downhill after that and eventually she succumbs to her death through charm.

Since her marriage to Najib, Rosmah has paid many bomohs for their services to keep and hold her husband. So far it has work.

Another woman who had paid millions too, to bomoh is Mahani. Since money to them is not the problem but keeping the piggy bank from running away is, bomoh is their ultimate answer.

In Malaysia seeking the help of bomohs is like praying to God. The people who seek bomoh’s assistance are mostly women. Most cases involve their husbands.

I do not condemn the works of the bomohs but the seekers must bear in mind the consequences of ones action. A lot of times the seeker will say yes they do and when the time come for them to die they suffer greatly and sometimes the sin has to be passed over to the children. This is very wrong. You sin you suffer. But when you want to ease the pain you do not care.

Charms do work; it all depends on which level the bomoh is. It is the same with healers and anyone dealing in spiritual matters.

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