Thursday, August 7, 2008

Big Slap

Well now that they are going to charge Anwar, as predicted by Sinful in his written statement, will the game end here? The answer is a big NO.

Every dirty trick a human being can think of will be used to stop Anwar on nomination day to hand over his papers. Pak Lah, the Family and Najib must eliminate the biggest threat on their position on that day. It can be an accident or even the first assassination on an aspiring candidate for the Premiership. The accident or the assassination was discussed way back during Mahathir’s time. If it is true that the same people are the planners then I believe this matter would have been brought to the discussion table again.
You never know how ruthless this group is until the truth comes out.

This ruthless group will definitely be given a BIG SLAP from Allah.

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