Friday, August 29, 2008

Auctioneer and Syndicate

Now that puspakom rascals are busted, ACA should now turn their attention to the syndicate making giant killing at the auction house. The people involved are judges, registrars, clerks, lawyers, bank officers, police from Bukit Aman, auctioneers and their runners. The runners get to make RM1,000 per transaction and do not get a share from the money make from the actual deal.

The syndicate has only 1 rule and that is not to have any properties registered under their name. The dirty monies are kept in safe boxes or put into lorries for hire or money-lending companies. The head of the syndicate used to be a prominent lawyer, now deceased and a judge.

The bank that has the most number of dirty dealing is MAYBANK. The bank officers are brazen in their dealing. Plus it a well known fact in Malaysia, Maybank has almost every law firm in their payroll. Thus making it difficult to sue and win a case against the bank.

I hope and pray Anwar will change all that on the 16th September 2008 because I do want to sue Maybank and the Auctioneer RS Maniam and one of their runner Taranjit Singh.

I am not a revengeful person but there is something called limitation to ones patience. I will not take anymore nonsense from bullies.

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